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Family Association

As part of our family services you gain access to a free community for parents, guardians, and adult family members involved in the growth and success of young scholars at WAIE. You’ll be able to connect with and learn from one another.


Family College

Each year our Family Engagement team holds a virtual conference for both WAIE families and guest families to participate in workshops on improving parenting skills, entrepreneurship, and much more.


Family Care

As part of the work of our Student CARE team, we procure resources as part of our family services to support the success of each family in WAIE when it comes to the acquisition of insurance, discounts, food and clothing resources, and much more.

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At WAIE you have access to MyPride, the Lion’s online resource for young scholars and families to access online courses, billing, applications, and other important tools for the success of your child.


Global Immersions

Our young scholars and guest students have access to a multitude of immersions throughout the year that provides them access to outdoor leadership, arts, global engagement, and much more. Our goal is to hire adult family members to serve as paid program advisors during the immersions to help strengthen the community.

Find out more about our family services, visit our site!

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