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The Sacred City

Aug 1, 2020 | 0 comments

Recommendation Date: August 1, 2020
Release Date: 
May 2016

This British film was made about Canadian historian Dan Gibson, who has uncovered startling new archaeological evidence that Mecca was not the original Holy/Sacred City of Islam.

Dan Gibson first entered the Middle East in 1979 and has spend almost 40 years researching the geography of the Arabian Peninsula. He and his family have lived in the following countries: Jordan, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. Dan has visited all of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, some of them many times.

The focus of The Sacred City is on the direction that the Qibla in Muslim mosques faced over the years. This direction is used for daily prayer, pilgrimages to Masjid al-Haraam, and also in the slaughter of halaal food. Dan Gibson has concluded from his data that there have been four different Qiblas since the founding of Islam, but for the last thousand years, only one Qibla has survived, that of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

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Cost: $9.99 (free with Amazon Prime)
Directors: David Taylor
Genres: Faith and Spirituality, Documentary, Special Interest
SubtitlesEnglish [CC]
Audio languages
WAIE Category: Humanities for World Cultures

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