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What is WAIE?

Jul 1, 2020 | Business | 0 comments

The World Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WAIE) is new school designed to provide students in grades 7 to 14 the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship while learning how to create generational wealth and prepare for starting a business, workforce, or higher education. Our school is open to all but a special focus is given to youth from African Diaspora, LatinX, Indigenous, and Pacific Islander communities.

Why was WAIE created?

Originally, WAIE was started in 2018 under the name of Generation Innovation to support public schools, private schools, and charter schools in providing real-world entrepreneurship experiences for students. However, after several stories of the mistreatment of youth of color in the school systems in the United States, the founder, along with the board, decided in February 2020 that it was time to create their own school to support all youth, but specifically youth of color in gaining the education they deserve from educators who look like them.

Currently, in the school system, both public and private, most educators are European American, whereas there is a growing number of children of color in schools. However, schools have not caught up to integrated authentic culturally responsive curriculum for the students. Bringing over 10 years of experience in the education sector, the founder decided to work with the board to create an asynchronous school that provides a holistic approach to educating young scholars.

Why focus on entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the best way for a young person to help his family move up the economic ladder. Poverty is an economic issue and entrepreneurship is one solution to help young people create generational wealth for their families and their communities.

Also, as we create more success entrepreneurs of color we begin to address systems of institutional racism where entrepreneurs of color are less likely to receive funding compared to their white counterparts. A system where employees of color are sometimes pre-judged based on their name before they can even sit for an interview. This will not only change the young scholars situation but will also create jobs for others in their community.

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