What is WAIE?

You may be wondering “What is WAIE?” That’s a great question! The World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WAIE) is an asynchronous, culturally responsive, digital learning, independent school that provides youth in grades 7 through 14 with real-world secondary and post-secondary education. Also, a key focal point of WAIE is the week-long experiential learning immersions that occur each term for our young scholars.


The times of graduating high school with only a high school diploma are long gone. Our plan is for scholars to complete their education with us with a high school diploma plus two career certifications that can be used towards gaining employment.

[will begin the process when school opens]

Self-Paced Learning

Our curriculum is a defining element of what is WAIE and is designed to allow students to master content at their pace with the support of their academic counselor and educators. This allows for individualized attention for each student.

Environmental Stewardship

Inspiring young scholars to love the environment and helping them become great stewards of a healthy and thriving planet are the two highest priorities for WAIE faculty and staff. One of the most important principles grounded in the Hebrew lifestyle for our young scholars is the fact that it is all of our duties to take care of the planet we live on for both current and future generations.

Mental Health

Our mental health team provides 1- on-1 sessions for our students and also craft courses to help students explore psychology, sociology, mindfulness, and more. Our mental health services are about more than just responsive care but are focused on providing our young scholars with the tools necessary to capitalize on their own strengths but also face unexpected life challenges.

Financial Wellness

Our educators focus on ensuring that young scholars are financially literate and able to act on their financial knowledge for the best outcomes for themselves and their families. Having the knowledge for financial security is important, however, being able to act on this wisdom and creating multiple streams of income for oneself is the key to creating generational wealth.

Workforce Readiness

Preparing for the workforce is more important than planning for college. The workforce consists of working for someone else or starting your own company and gaining the skills needed to accomplish your goals. Once you have determined your workforce goal you’re able to better map to navigate your collegiate plans.

Global Immersions

Our flagship program and a key piece to defining what is WAIE is our Adventure Based Leadership program, along with other the United States and global immersions provide our young scholars the opportunity to build leadership skills and engage with a global community. Young scholars participate in service-learning, sports and athletics, self-defense, cultural exchanges, farming/fishing, workforce readiness, and much more throughout the programs they attend.

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