Education That Creates Generational Wealth


WAIE is an asynchronous, culturally responsive, digital learning, independent school that provides youth with real world secondary and post-secondary education in an effort to create generational wealth for them and their families. Also, a key focal point of WAIE is the week-long experiential learning immersions that occur each term for our young scholars. The three pathways our young scholars will take are:



Youth will have the option to continue a current or start a new business upon graduation from WAIE in an effort to create generational wealth.


Workforce Readiness

Youth will have built a portfolio of expertise to help them secure work in different career pathways that have high potential for generational wealth creation.


Higher Education

Youth may choose to continue on to an institution of higher education at graduation to gain further knowledge in careers with high generational wealth potential.

Holistic Approach to Generational Wealth

As part of their time with WAIE, young scholars will also gain access to Mental Wellness Counselors, Career and College Readiness Counselors, and our Food Security Program. We focus on supporting the whole child and their family in reaching a comfortable life.

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WAIE is a registered 501(c)(3) Organization

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Our first campaign goal is to raise the funds necessary to develop the school curriculum and reduce the cost of attendance for as many of our scholars as possible. The campaign’s first goal to raise $283,517 by Jan 2022, raise an additional $317,951 by Sep 2022, and finally raise $1,029,280 by Sep 2023, for a total of $1,631,852 before the school opens in Sep 2024.

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Our second campaign goal focuses on raising funds to purchase land and build a dormitory for youth who are homeless and/or runaways. We hope to position the dorm in South King County/North Pierce County area near public transportation. The dorm will focus on a Hebrew plant-based lifestyle and will be environmentally friendly. Residents will earn income through helping with cooking, cleaning, tutoring their younger peers, and more.


The last portion of our campaign focuses on purchasing land and building a community coworking facility for our young scholars to collaborate on new business ventures, utilize the art studio, hold our leadership immersions, have fun in the game rooms, and much more. It’ll be used for WAIE scholars but all youth and youth-serving organizations will be welcomed to visit and engage in the community we create.

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